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Basic Physical stats
Name: Leeroy Clovis Rosseau
Physical Age: 23-25 (Probably around 300-400 in human years)
Height: 6'0
Weight: 160
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark Red
Notable Features: Farmers tan, slight freckles
Languages: French, English, Cajun/Creole, Spanish
Parent Countries: Spain, France, America

Other Physical traits: Leroy looks younger than he actually is. This may be in part because the old traditions in Louisiana stay alive and it keeps him young...or he knows some good voodoo.... Leroy wears jewelry every now and then but its mostly just good luck charms for gambling. He's got quite a few scars around his body, mostly from hurricanes or the occasional crocodile.

People: He's quite the charmer and he loves to impress, and he will try to make you feel welcome when he's around. But of course, its a "southern hospitality contradiction". Sure, fine, he'll treat you like a king or queen, but if you do something to piss him off he'll resort to something temperamental or violent. Fortunately, he's toned down through the years, especially after Katrina. He loves flirting with women but in more of a suave stylish manner, probably because he's experienced in that field.

Talents/hobbies: Cooking, music, socializing, and language are his strong points. He can play the guitar, violin, and saxaphone. Cajun food (or southern food in general) is his favorite and he makes it like a pro. As for hobbies he's fond of flirting, fishing, crawfishing, and boating.

Un-talents/Faults: He can be a bit greedy, sneaky, old fashioned, stubborn, and careless. He puts on an air of stupidity, but he's actually a lot smarter than he seems at first impression (It takes a while for him to reveal that about himself though). He likes Gambling (namely on riverboats) and he's not too good with his money.
He really has no fears, except the occasional storm might set him off.

Personality: Minus the faults he's a generally good person with a few quirks here and there. The Hurricane might have affected him pretty badly but its not like it has happened before. He just wants some acknowledgement and (though he doesn't seem like it) some help and comfort.
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