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Dat bandwagon

Leroy is just absolutely bored, so what does he do? He takes out his pet...

Albino ball python Pictures, Images and Photos

She's snuggly wrapped around his neck, flicking her tongue out curiously while Leroy checks emails. "Once dis spam folder is emptied, how 'bout we take a nap. Eh, Daphne?"

Fixing...or at least trying to.

[ It's been a while since Leroy has taken his fan boat out for a spin, and the thing looks like it's been used while he disappeared. A friend of his probably decided to have some fun with it while he was gone...

Needless to say, the thing is in pretty bad shape. It's covered in mud, reeds, and something that once looked like a....a small rodent of sorts. The motor is a wreck as well, and so is the fan, so he decides to pick off what rubbish he can find, and get to work on the thing.

So Leroy works on the piece of junk outside, his shirt off and used as a rag for the motor oil. He wears a pair of jeans with a giant buckle on them, which is now showing since his shirt is off. The rest of him isn't that clean though. But hey, work is work, and it's nice to find something to do in this otherwise weird place. ]

Mardi Gras prep...

Leroy is piling up some very large boxes in his closet, the contents seem to glitter in every which way....or feather? yeah. He also sets down some cake batter mix as he munches on a homemade po-boy sandwich. Let's just say he's good at multitasking, and food is his everything at the moment. Feel free to poke him! The south wing probably doesn't get visited a lot.

The best movie ever...?

Leroy sipped a beer and looked through his computer. He may seem a little backwoodsy but he had a strange talent for figuring things out rather quickly. Suddenly his eyes widen and his mouth gaped

Th-this is going to be the best damn movie ever....